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-15th November 2022-

I've added 5 more entries on the Downloads page:

-AYFX Editor v0.6 by Shiru
-NextBASIC VS Code extension by Remy Sharp
-ZX Block Editor v2.4.3.1 by Claus Johns
-ZX Editor v2.3.1.1 by Claus Jahn
-ZX Paintbrush v2.6.4 By Claus Jahn

-14th November 2022-

I've updated the Downloads page. It now has stuff on there! These include:

-NextBuild v7 by David Saphier aka em00k
-CSpect v2.16.6 by Mike Dailly
-UDGeed by David Saphier aka em00k

-9th November 2022-

The new look site is live!

It works much better on desktop and mobile now. New menu options at the top include:

-Downloads (downloads and links to be added)
-Links (links to other sites, friends channels, etc.)
-My socials

-7th November 2022-

More done on the new look website today. I'm going to incorporate my VR sub domain instead of having it separate so it's all in the same place. I'm also putting a downloads section on there for tools I've found and used (appropriate credit will be given).

The blog will also have an archive section so you can easily go to a month to find what you're after (maybe I'll include a search function).

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