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-29th May 2022-

More DMA fun on the ZX Spectrum Next featuring the voice of the Mysterons:

-18th May 2022-

I've set up a plain http section on my website which means I can now download files from there directly to my Next. What I've just set up is downloading a TXT file then converting it to a BAS then automatically removing the TXT file. This means it's also easier to write code in a Notepad editor for example then just download to my Next (or CSpect) and run it straight away. Very useful indeed :)

-13th May 2022-

Before I went to the Retro Computer Museum last weekend I produced some bead art which were portraits that Simon Butler had done of people (I had asked permission beforehand, except for the one of Simon himself as that was a suprise). I handed them out on the Saturday and I hope they are pleased with them:

Paul Hesso, portrait Andy Spencer, portrait Simon Butler, portrait

-8th May 2022-

I went to the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester this weekend. I had a great time there meeting up with some great people. Here is a video tour I did:

-3rd May 2022-

17 Hama bead designs made in less than 24 hours! These are all going to the Retro Computer Museum with me this weekend to be displayed there:

manic miner manic miner green seal manic miner red seal manic miner amoebatron magenta manic miner amoebatron green
manic miner amoebatron yellow manic miner penguin manic miner penrose blue manic miner penrose white manic miner penrose yellow manic miner penrose green
manic miner penrose magenta manic miner eugene manic miner alien kong beast manic miner bear red manic miner bear yellow manic miner bear magenta

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