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-23rd March 2023-

CRASH Radio has been evolving and now has regular slots from TJ and Simon Butler each week. It's going very well!

I've popped a couple more downloads on the site for the ZX Spectrum Next and another code snippet.

Coding-wise I'm working on a game engine for the ZX Spectrum Next and as a result I have been playing about with some assembly. It's pretty basic, and I'll use it alongside BASIC, but it does what I need it to:

-20th February 2023-

I've been doing quite a bit on the CRASH Radio Station lately and I'm really enjoying it. Can't believe that my little station turned into this! Chris Wilkins contacted me about 6 weeks after I launched ZX Spectrum Radio and asked if I'd like to link it to CRASH and the rest is history!

I'm going to be popping a few more things on my site soon. More code snippets, downloads etc and I will eventually be getting back to Spectrum Next coding.

-1st December 2022-

A new creation from me, just launched today:

-15th November 2022-

I've added 5 more entries on the Downloads page:

-AYFX Editor v0.6 by Shiru
-NextBASIC VS Code extension by Remy Sharp
-ZX Block Editor v2.4.3.1 by Claus Johns
-ZX Editor v2.3.1.1 by Claus Jahn
-ZX Paintbrush v2.6.4 By Claus Jahn

-14th November 2022-

I've updated the Downloads page. It now has stuff on there! These include:

-NextBuild v7 by David Saphier aka em00k
-CSpect v2.16.6 by Mike Dailly
-UDGeed by David Saphier aka em00k

-9th November 2022-

The new look site is live!

It works much better on desktop and mobile now. New menu options at the top include:

-Downloads (downloads and links to be added)
-Links (links to other sites, friends channels, etc.)
-My socials

-Check the blog archive for more posts-

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