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"The blog of a man who loves retro gaming and lives by the beach."

-29th March 2022-

Been doing some more work on the Next music demo tonight. More about getting the layout sorted and performance. Need to test it out on hardware next, but it's looking promising so far (this is nothing like what it will end up looking like):

-25th March 2022-

I've added a new section to the website just now called Art. This is where you can find some of the artwork I have created over the years which is mostly gaming related. I will be adding to this when I create more things.

-21st March 2022-

I've been working on a game engine recently in NextBASIC and it's coming along very nicely. So much so that I should be able to use it in a number of games. It needs to be tested again on hardware as opposed to an emulator, but its last test on hardware went very well. Now it'll be on to the game design itself.

Next up is another demo I'm working on, but will be a bit different than my last (the Zoosters demo) which I'm excited about as it will be showcasing the audio side of things with music by Paul Hesso aka Noise by Night.

Finally I've been playing around with making a VR app as I have a Quest 2 and am really enjoying it. It's really early stages at the moment and it's more about just testing stuff out to see what I can do and mostly following guides to learn stuff in Unity. That being said I hope to have even a basic app that I can release then hopefully build on.

-16th March 2022-

Welcome to my new web site!

I'm Dave and I love retro gaming and tinkering. Since the 80s I've loved coding and started with the ZX Spectrum. I coded games in BASIC as I didn't know any machine code back then (and not much now to be honest), but I had fun doing it and I'm still coding for it now albeit in it's new form - the ZX Spectrum Next. It has more RAM, a faster CPU and layers to name a few features (as well as wifi).

Back in the day I used to try and code my own text adventures, mazes, fruit machines... anything that came to mind really. A friend and I even coded the beginnings of Microsoft 3.1 in BASIC! It had a working login system, a notepad editor and basic paint package with the ability to save and load in both.

I plan on updating the site with my current projects that I'm working on or have done over the years so stay tuned to keep updated.

Thanks for visiting!

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