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-21st June 2022-

I've got a navigation mesh working finally in my VR demo so I can finally look into design now that I have movement and basic collisions sorted. Not sure what I'm actually gonna make though. Maybe some sort of maze. And it will be playable in the browser without having to download anything.

Spectrum Next wise I'm going to sort the level designs and enemies for the game I'm working on to get them in some sort of order. I have a plan I just need to implement it.

Getting there.

-15th June 2022-

I've been working on a screen saver for Richard Szerman for the Next Launcher. It's a video converted into about 800 layer 2 screens. Here it is running in CSpect.:

-3rd June 2022-

Experimenting with VR at the moment. Very very basic:

RetroBeachMan's VR

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