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"Some of my projects I have worked on or are working on/tinkering with."

-Mortal Kombat demo - ZX Spectrum Next in BASIC-

A basic Mortal Kombat demo I wrote in NextBASIC in 2020.

-Brick Racer - ZX Spectrum-

Here's a quick no-frills game I call Brick Racer. If you remember the 99 in 1 style games then you'll know this game.

It gets progressively faster the more points you score. You score 1 point for each car you pass (and maybe a few sneaky bonus points too).

Play the game here. (kindly hosted by David Saphier)

-Impossabubble - ZX Spectrum-

There have been evil experiments with bubble-mix to create levitating assassins. You foil the plot, but are turned into a bubble! Can you rescue everyone and escape? Find them all... if you can.

It's Impossabubble!

-Flappy Bird - ZX Spectrum Next - in BASIC-

This is the original mobile game back from 2013/2014 ported to the new ZX Spectrum Next! This is an unofficial port, although the original creator Dong Nguyen has allowed me to release it as a free download (feel free to make a donation for coffee - I need it haha). The game has been coded entirely in NextBASIC by myself.

-ZX Spectrum Next - Runner-Style Game In BASIC-

This was something I did as a result of playing with my Flappy Bird engine in NextBASIC. Commander Video gets around. The landscape is randomly generated.

-NextBASIC Text Scroller - ZX Spectrum Next-

This is a text scroller that I created using NextBASIC.

There are 4 rows of sprites, the stars are on layer 2 and are loaded as a bitmap, the coloured lo res stars are on layer 1,0 and are just randomly printed full stops with random ink colours.

-Zoosters Demo - ZX Spectrum Next - in BASIC-

Welcome to the Zoosters Demo for the ZX Spectrum Next! This was written entirely in NextBASIC and is packaged up in a TAP file for you to put on your ZX Spectrum Next and enjoy.

It features awesome music kindly provided by Paul Hesso aka Noise by Night. The track is a conversion of the live performance by Hans Zimmer of the remix of the Zoosters Breakout track from the film Madagascar and was created using NextDAW.

-Never Gonna Give the ZX Spectrum Next Up-

I don't waste my time, oh no! I spent waaaaayy too much time on this, but it was totally worth it!

This is digital audio played using the DMA in BASIC on the ZX Spectrum Next. You even get to see Rick bobbing around to the tune as an added bonus!

-ZX Spectrum Next - QR Code Reader-

A very basic guide on how to use the ZX Spectrum Next along with a PC to receive QR code results and take action upon their content like automatically loading a game by just scanning a code.

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